In his encyclical Laudato si‘ Pope Francis puts a clear question mark to the strategies of “buying and selling carbon credits” (171). At the Conference “Our Common Home” (  John Holdron (Assistant to President Obama for Science and Technology) said the Vatican to be too dismissive towards technological or market solutions to climate change. He might be right if those solutions were driven by economy and new types of profits only! He might be wrong if those solutions are part of a comprehensive moral framework using all the trigger points making the moral factory work!


“The strategy of buying and selling “car- bon credits” can lead to a new form of specula- tion which would not help reduce the emission of polluting gases worldwide. This system seems to provide a quick and easy solution under the guise of a certain commitment to the environ- ment, but in no way does it allow for the radi- cal change which present circumstances require. Rather, it may simply become a ploy which per- mits maintaining the excessive consumption of some countries and sectors.” (Laudato si’ 171)


“Call it a conflict crisis but not a refugee crisis”. Thus were the words Maryanne Loughry, RSM used to make an audience of some 50 people @ BC aware that words are designing and hiding political concepts. If today Europe and moreover the whole world can no longer overlook the crisis notably in Syria, it is because people got a face and names. Too many people on the move had to die before politicians were willing to open their eyes. It were courageous citizens who broke the line of silence and helplessness. They went to the railway stations, they took their cars picking up people on the move alongside the european highways. They encountered women, men and children with names and faces. Wounded people found a smile and the caress of people who took care of them. The wounds inflicted on them in their homelands and recently by the European border guards are appalling and they tell the story of what we don’t want to see: The external root causes and the personal hopes bringing whole families, men and women, children and young people on the most dangerous roads of their life. They invest their naked life because they believe in a better future. Do we believe in a better future with them? They are part of the one human family. They are our brothers and sisters whatever faith, whatever hope, whatever dream drives them to start their journey for (their and our) humanity. Our today’s moral and legal instruments do not seem working anymore. Are we willing to open the box and enter the moral factory leaving behind our moral prejudices about refugees, about migrants, about our power to (not) change (anything)?

Healing moral and curial diseases


Pope Francis goes ahead! He is not afraid to unite what seems divided. He refers to the gospel and firmly believes into a great future for religious organisations, if they are open to change their structures of power as well as their sclerosed norms. Pope Francis believes that it is worth sowing peace even if one had to bite one’s tongue.


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